The AARC training activities comprise a set of tools, materials and courses that are delivered online or face-to-face.

Generic materials promote fundamental concepts of federated identity for a broad audience across research communities. Other training events and materials are targeted at specific audiences such as service providers or a particular research collaboration.

Introductory materials

Federations 101

This training module will take you through the basics of federated identities. It includes terms and definitions, information, videos and links to useful resources.

Authentication and Authorisation 101

This training module will provide the basic concepts of authentication and authorization and will guide you through the evolution of AAI from the conception to the implementation of federations for identities.

The AARC Blueprint Architecture

Introduction to the Blueprint Architecture

This training will introduce the Blueprint Architecture (BPA), defined within AARC project to provide a reference model in implementing AAI solutions for research and education.

What is SaToSa?

The module will describe how to install and configure SaToSa, a tool to implement a proxy in an AAI.

Advanced Technical Components

Introduction to advanced components

This training gives an overview of more advanced AAI related topics. Topics introduced are: discovery services, proxy, social identities, account linking, step-up authentication and token translation services.

Technical material for Service Providers

Introduction to federated management

This training module helps service providers to make resources and services available to the users authenticated using an authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI)

SAML and Shibboleth Introduction

This training module will guide you in configuring your application to consume federated identities. The course will cover service providers for SAML federations.

Integrating your service with OpenID Connect

For those interested in developing applications that provide access control with OpenID Connect.

Policy-related materials

Improving incident response through collaboration: SIRTFI

Sirtfi provides a mechanism to identify trusted, operationally secure eduGAIN participants and facilitate effective incident response collaboration.

Policy Development Kit

This kit supports Research Infrastructures in adopting or enhancing a policy set that regulates the operation and use of an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure in line with the AARC Blueprint Architecture.

For specific communities

Earth Sciences

This training is an introduction to AAI concepts and federated access to share a common model of knowledge for the EPOS Earth Science community.

Life Sciences

This training is an introduction to AAI concepts and federated access to share a common model of knowledge and to move AAI infrastructures forward for LifeScience communities.