AARC Tree project

AARC Tree project

The AARC Technical Revision to Enhance Effectiveness (AARC TREE) project takes the successful and globally recognised “Authentication and Authorisation for Research Collaboration” (AARC) model and its flagship outcome, the AARC Blueprint Architecture (BPA), as the basis to drive the next phase of integration for research infrastructures. AARC TREE expands federated access management to integrate user-centring technologies, encompassing access to federated data and services (authorisation), consolidating existing capacities and avoiding fragmentation and unnecessary duplication.

Over the AARC TREE lifetime the team and the AARC Community will define common strategies for the development, deployment and sustainability of AAIs in the pan European Research Infrastructures at large, to improve access and sharing of scientific resources and to improve interoperability among research infrastructure communities across the thematic areas.

Deliverable Name Due month
D1.1 Blueprint Architectures Initial revision
Guidance on the Federation Concept, and Community Attributes
D1.2 Final Blueprint Architectures version 2024
Final Federation Concept, Federated Authorisation, and decentralised identities
D2.1 Trust framework for proxies and Snctfi research services
Trust framework, guidelines and best practice for BPA proxies and interaction with research services
D2.2 AARC Policy Development Kit Revision
Evolved suite of guidelines and templates for research and infrastructure communities
D3.1 Landscape analysis of AARC BPA adoption
Landscape of deployment of AARC BPA AAIs and the adoption of AARC guidelines
D3.2 Use-Case Collection and Analysis
Collection of requirements and use-cases from RIs in context of AAI BPA to provide input for technical and policy work
D4.1 Validation Results report
Report describing results of the pilots and developed validation tools
D5.1 Compendium of AARC Best Practices & Recommendations
Webpage and report containing the compendium and recommendations
D6.1 Guidelines for the online presence
Guidelines for the online presence for AARC TREE, AARC Community and AEGIS and initial visuals to support communication
D7.1 Communication And Dissemination plan
Clear dissemination strategy for project results as well as engagement with the targeted audiences, promotion, outreach, and co-design activities
D7.2/D7.3 Exploitation Plan
In-depth description of how project results, developments and branding will be communicated
D8.1 AARC TREE Strategy document - Who, what, why?
AARC TREE Strategy
D8.1 Data Management Plan
Research Data Management plan for project results
D8.2 Highlights of AARC TREE work
Executive summary of AARC TREE main results

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