The goal of the workshop was to discuss opportunities to work towards the definition of a common infrastructure to enable researchers to authenticate to  BMS (biomedical) research infrastructures and manage their access rights to access services.

The workshop was hosted by ECRIN office in Paris.

The notes from the meeting and the conclusions are available online.


31th May

Time Activity
13:00-13:30 Welcome, Michael Raess (Infrafrontier), Susan Daenke (Instruct) and Licia Florio (GÉANT)

Local practicalities, Serena Battaglia (ECRIN)
Round table of attendees

13:30-14:15     The landscape of AAI in the research and education

14:15-14:30 BREAK
14:00-14:45 Corbel WP5 introduction, Michael Raess and Susan Daenke
14:45-17-00 BMS RIs present their AAI needs, systems and/or plans

  • ELIXIR, Mikael Linden, ELIXIR AAI task co-leader
  • BBMRI-ERIC, Petr Holub, BBMRI-ERIC IT Manager and CIO of CS IT
  • CORBEL_INFRA GmbH, Philipp Gormanns, Senior Developer
  • ARIA&SSO, Callum Smith, Instruct IT Officer
  • Euro-BioImaging, Pasi Kankaanpää, Project manager
  • ECRIN, Jacques Demotes, Director General
17:00 End Day 1

1st May 

Time Activity
09:00-10:45 Presentations on e-infrastructure AAI offerings

Local practicalities, Serena Battaglia (ECRIN)
Round table of attendees

10:45-11:00 BREAK
11:00-11:30 Level of Assurance for authentication, Mikael Linden (AARC LoA task leader)
11:30-11-45 AARC2 proposal, Licia Florio
11:45-12:30 Discussion on BMS RI co-operation on AAI, Mikael Linden

  • Co-operation within CORBEL WP5
  • BMS AAI pilot in the proposed AARC2 project (~5/2017-4/2019 if approved), Paul van Dijk, AARC2 activity leader for pilots
  • AAI and open access — complement or conflict?
12:30-12-45 Meeting Ends
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