Welcome to IAM Online!

Welcome to IAM Online!

This article was originally written by Laura Durnford for the GÉANT Community Blog.

European webinar series on trust & identity launched.

The ability to use a trusted online identity to share data and access resources has been of growing importance to research and education. To support the spread of knowledge about how best to manage identities and federated access, a new series of ‘IAM Online’ webinars has been launched, to dovetail European-focused information with complementary materials that target the US research and education community.

The IAM Online Europe series is open to anyone with an interest in the developing landscape of federated identity, but is particularly relevant to research collaborations, infrastructure providers and campuses to join in.

The first IAM Online European webinar was recorded live on Wednesday 15th March and the recording was made available via the IAM Online channel on YouTube. 55 people from a range of organisations – universitites, research infrastructures and national research and education networks (NRENs) – joined the live session, which covered Sirtfi – the Security Incident Response Framework for Federation Identity.

IAM Online Europe will produce around 3 webinars per year on various topics and with various presenters. All webinars will take the form of live sessions and all recorded materials will be available on the IAM Online YouTube channel as a reference.

IAM Online Europe is jointly managed through the GÉANT Project, the AARC project and the REFEDS group and the webinars provide training and links to other resources related to their trust and identity activities. The YouTube channel links to IAM Online US; the concept originates in the US and GÉANT, AARC and REFEDS thank InCommon/Internet2 and eduCAUSE for their collaboration in this area.

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