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AARC2 has ended but AARC community is...

AARC2 has ended but AARC community is alive !

With the report of the EC final review and all formalities addressed, the AARC project has really come to its end. It has been an incredible journey and to witness the impact of AARC results to date is certainly a great achievement for everybody who participated in the project. The report from the EC final […]

Start With AARC: the legacy begins

Research collaborations building an Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) don’t need to re-invent the wheel. The AARC Blueprint Architecture, Policy Development Kit and ‘AARC in Action’ collection of case studies give a head start. So #StartWithAARC ! In four years, the two AARC projects have created a suite of information, tools, templates, guidelines and training […]

The final AARC Blueprint Architecture...

Software architects and technical decision makers looking for an authentication and authorisation infrastructure (AAI) solution for their research collaboration can #StartWithAARC. The final AARC Blueprint Architecture (BPA) uses a ‘community first’ approach and gives a head start in building a customised solution that supports federated access via eduGAIN. The AARC BPA is a reference architecture […]

AARC Blueprint Architecture webinar r...

A recording of the AARC Blueprint Architecture webinar that took place on 18 April is now online. The video, aimed at Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) architects and technical decision makers for research collaborations, can be found on the IAM Online YouTube channel and the slides with notes are available. In the webinar video, Nicolas […]

AARC cruising towards a sweet end

After four years of working together, the AARC team had their last project meeting in Abingdon, UK, hosted by STFC, on 18-21 March. During those years, some people have moved on, but the core team has remained and will not dissolve but will migrate to other venues to continue their work. Meeting highlights There were […]

Registration open for IAM Online webi...

On 18 April at 15:00-16:00 CEST, a live webinar will explain the final version of the BluePrint Architecture (BPA) that was developed within the AARC project. This webinar is aimed at Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) architects and technical decision makers for research collaborations. Connection via (Webinar ID: 473 763 744). Please register via: […]