Final steps towards whitepaper on federated identity management for research

AARC and the GÉANT Project were represented at the meeting of FIM4R (Federated Identity for Research) that was held in Vienna on 5-6 February. Final steps were agreed towards a whitepaper that updates the group’s previously-published research paper about federated identity management for research collaborations.

The following article was originally posted by Hannah Short on the FIM4R website.

Final steps agreed towards the FIM4R version 2 whitepaper

The FIM4R community once again enjoyed a productive 1-and-a-half day workshop preceding the TIIME (Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe) unconference on 7-8 February.

We heard updates from the Umbrella, Life Sciences, LSST, MWA, NIH, ESA and DARIAH research communities. Some relevant developments in FIM were presented, including contributions from AARC, GN4 and those working on OIDC Federations. Slides and minutes are available on the Agenda.

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