Get Sirtfi’ed! Security training for federated organisations now available online

Get Sirtfi’ed! Security training for federated organisations now available online

The providers of online identities and services can now access online training materials that will help them to handle security incidents in a way that is coordinated with other organisations within research and education federations. This Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity (Sirtfi) modular training is available through a new ‘eAcademy’ platform that has been sponsored by the AARC (Authentication and Authorisation for Research and Collaboration) project and is managed by GÉANT:

Sirtfi is the first training material to be available via the eAcademy, with more content to be added soon from across a range of projects and activities. Access to the Sirtfi modules is federated of course! In addition to helping to promote federated access, this also means that users can take the course at their own pace under their created profile – and AARC can also do some analytics on how the module is used.

Getting started

You don’t have federated credentials? No worries – you can either log-in using any of your social media accounts, or, if you have a digital certificate that is IGTF compliant, you can login using that. Just click on ‘login with SSO’, then you will get the WAYF page; there enter IGTF in the search bar:

Click on IGTF Certificate Proxy and use your personal certificate!

The IGTF certificate proxy is a token translation service developed within the AARC project and is fully operational.

The Sirtfi specs are managed via a dedicated REFEDS Working Group whilst the AARC project helps its promotion and supports the implementation of the Sirtfi Trust Framework. After the specs were finalised (in Jan 2016), AARC felt that building an online training module would be a great way to promote Sirtfi and to facilitate its adoption.

We hope you agree, so please check out the Sirtfi module and let us know how you get on with it – feedback welcome at

Further information

For more information about Sirtfi and how it works, see the AARC blog: ‘Making federated security a priority with Sirtfi’ and the IAM Online Sirtfi webinar.