Roadmapping trust and identities activities in GÉANT

Roadmapping trust and identities activities in GÉANT

This article was originally posted by Licia Florio in the GÉANT Community Blog.

As you may know, GÉANT is looking to identify trends and requirements to shape the work to be carried out as part of the next GN4 project, which will start in mid 2019.

Different things are in motion in the R&E and identity space that will have an impact on how the trust and identity ecosystem will look in a few years. Some of these changes are linked to EC funding models and the partnerships created to put the funding into action. A clear example of this is the EOSCpilot (ongoing) and its follow up project EOSC-hub (starting in Jan 2018). The EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) vision is to create an integrated infrastructure to allow researchers to share and analyse data and access resources via EOSC.

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