AARC-G045 AARC Blueprint Architecture 2019

The AARC Blueprint Architecture (BPA) provides a set of building blocks for software architects and technical decision makers who are designing and implementing access management solutions for international research collaborations. This document describes the evolution of the AARC Blueprint Architecture, starting with a summary of the changes since AARC-BPA-2017. The current iteration of the BPA focuses on the interoperability aspects, to address an increasing number of use cases from research communities requiring access to federated resources offered by different research and e-Infrastructures. Hence the introduction of the Community AAI, which streamlines researchers’ access to services. These typically include services offered to members of a specific community, as well as infrastructure services that may be shared with other communities. Users can authenticate to the Community AAI primarily via institutional credentials from national identity federations in eduGAIN, but, if permitted by the community, can also use other Identity Providers.

Status: Final
Development Informationhttps://aarc-community.org/architecture/
SupersedesAARC-G012 Blueprint Architecture 2017