AARC-G041 Expression of REFEDS RAF assurance components for identities derived from social media accounts

Infrastructure Proxies may convey assurance information derived from multiple sources, one of which may be ‘social identity’ sources. This guidance explains under which conditions combination of assurance information and augmentation of identity data within the Infrastructure Proxy should result in assertion of the REFEDS Assurance Framework components “unique identifier”, and when it may be appropriate to assert the “identity proofing” component value low.

Document URLhttps://aarc-community.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AARC-G041-Expression-of-REFEDS-RAF-assurance-components-for-social-media-accounts.pdf
Development informationAARC Project Wiki
Status: Final (4 March 2018)
DOIassignment deferred
Errata: none
Supersedes: none

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