AARC-G040 Preliminary Policy Recommendations for the LS AAI (application to R&S and CoCo)

The Life Sciences AAI Service (LS AAI), developed in joint collaboration with EGI, EUDAT and GÉANT, will result in a production-equivalent service to be operated for the Life Sciences community by the joint e-Infrastructures. As the pilot enters its second phase the LS AAI has to declare compliance to R&S and CoCo towards the R&E federations. This document provides preliminary guidance for the operators of the pilot LS AAI.

Document URLhttps://aarc-community.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AARC-G040-Preliminary-Policy-Recommendations-for-the-LSAAI-RandS-and-DPCoCo.pdf
Development informationAARC Project Wiki
Status: Final (1 March 2018)
DOIassignment deferred
Errata: none
Supersedes: none

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