AARC-G016 Recommendations on the exchange of personal data in accounting data sharing

Provide templates for policies that operators of different components in the infrastructures can use. It provides updates about the legal context and identifies the minimal set of information needed by the participants in the prevalent use cases. Note: it predated version 2 of the GEANT Code of Conduct, which will revise these recommendations.

Document URLhttps://aarc-community.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/AARC-DNA3.5_Recommendations-for-Processing-Personal-Data_2016_11_07_v4_DG.pdf
Development informationAARC Project Wiki
Status: Final
Erratanotice: this document predated version 2 of the GEANT Data Protection Code of Conduct, which will result in updated recommendations in the future.
Supersedes: none

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